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Health is a mindset

One of the most set goals in a new year is to start eating healthier or exercising more. This week we will be speaking about the impact the Mind has on your health and goals.

Conquer Your Mind

The mind has the power to control commitment and will. It all starts with the mind. In short, how one thinks is what one perceives of themselves. As I always say, "True Transformation starts when you change your MIND, therefore, change your MIND, and it will change your LiFE." Conquering the mind involves recognizing current thought patterns and training the mind to think of new thoughts which affirm the desired behavior or goal. For Instance, say a person desires to work out more- this person would need to recognize what is keeping them from exercising and start to develop thoughts that are for them working out. The thoughts may be, "I will live a healthier life, my body matters, how I feel matters." A mind can be trained to respond differently with a redirection of thoughts.

Create a Habit

The power of habit is consistency. Behavioral scientists who study habit formation say that many try to create healthy habits the wrong way. Bold resolutions are made to start exercising or lose weight, for example, without taking the steps needed to set ourselves up for success.

Building good habits boils down to lifestyle choices. One of the ways to change your lifestyle is by improving daily routines. Map out your day and integrate healthy practices where they make sense.

Building good habits is one of the main pillars of personal growth. To build better habits, shape your environment in a positive way, and take it one step at a time.

True Transformation starts when you change your MIND, therefore, change your MIND, and it will change your LiFE.


Guess What? Your change is starting. We celebrate you!! Now that you have some new information it means that there’s an opportunity for you to create, grow and become a STAR if you’re not already one with our Enterprise. After fueling your brain with the new information, to grow you’ll need to have a new experience.

Having information is a good start because new information ignites growth. For true change, the information + activation is the key to Transformation. The Transformed You is when one’s thoughts, actions, and feelings are their new reality.

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