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Family and Marriage Services

Trauma Therapy 


Parenting, Family and Group Sessions

Broken Heart Syndrome (BHS) Therapy

Abuse & Suicide   

​Anxiety Disorders

Sports Performance Coaching

Grief Counseling + More 

Holistic Coaching

Christian Counseling

Wellness Sessions 

Mind.Body.Spirit Coaching

Home-Work-Life-Balance Coaching

Depression, Hopelessness Sessions

Divorce & Separation Coaching

Life Coaching  

Body and Image Coaching 

Plus more...

Elite is a full-service Holistic, Alternative & Naturopathic Wellness Center that provides an array of services that centers around MindHealth Coaching. Elite provides personalized, high-quality services with excellence in mind.  We have created a method that we believe in and has been rated as #1 in Mind Health. Elite Wellness Center is a private full service wellness center that provides services in Mind & Body Wellness. We believe in the whole person and all our services are geared towards the entire human being. Our experience enables us to offer effective individualized care. We offer several services and we provide a family friendly atmosphere.


With  Coaching  we  have  an abundance  of  different  approaches  that  we  use  to  get  to  the  end  result, such  as Brain-tap,  MindMapping,  Mental  Pulse  Checks,  ejecting  the  pass,  Neuroplasticity  Mindset Training,  identifying  root  causes,  Mindfulness, Trauma  Talks,  and  so  much  more... We  provide  therapeutic  &  counseling  services  from  a  coaching  perspective.

What  is  MindHealth  Coaching?

MindHealth Coaching is basically like Therapy & Counseling, but to a whole new level which is Coaching. The  MiND  controls  the  Brain  and  the  Brain  controls  the  Body, therefore  the  MiND  controls  everything.   Our  services  takes  into  consideration  the  whole  person  (mind  and  body)  

We don't go by just book knowledge but incorporate what we believe is best, which may include, Bio/Neuro Feedback, BrainTap, Talk Therapy, Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy, MindMapping, BreathingTherapy, Escape Room, and events for safe space

Coaching  provides  more  flexibility  in  the services  we  provide  since  no  two  (2)  MiNDS  are  alike.  What  may  work  for one  person,  may  not  work  for  another.  Coaching  is  also  very  effective  in  the healing, transformation and restoration process   

With  Coaching  we  have  an abundance  of  different  approaches  that  we  use  to  get  to  the  end  result, such  as Brain-tap,  MindMapping,  Mental  Pulse  Checks,  ejecting  the  pass,  Neuroplasticity  Mindset,  identifying  root  causes,  Mindfullness, Trauma  Talks,  and  so  much  more.  

We  provide  therapeutic  &  counseling  services  from  a  coaching  perspective. All our  services are  built on  the  framework  of  the  MiND  & MiNDSETS.

To schedule an initial consultation, book online
A consultation is required  before booking a session.  


Dr. Carolyn G. aNDERSON

Founder and Visionary

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 7.46.52 PM.png

Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson, is the FRESH, dynamic and influential VOICE that’s creating a buzz locally, nationally and internationally. She’s a Talk Show Host, Keynote Speaker, Wealth & Health Coach, MindHealth Practitioner, Sports Wellness Coach, Philanthropist and #1 International Best Selling & Award Winning Author of several books. Her books include, but are not limited to: Living a Wealthy LiFE on Purpose, Focus & Get Results, The MEGA Year, Heal-thy Life, Pregnant with a Promise, and The 10 Laws of Leadership.

Known as The Transformer and serial business MOGUL, Dr. Carolyn enjoys seeing other people's lives transformed, businesses excelling and communities thriving. Her Philosophy is driven and fueled by seeing those connected to her, living their Lives Fully and maximizing their fullest potential.

Dr. Carolyn holds many qualifications behind her name, including PhD., ND, DHM, D.Min, DMH, MBA, CHC, Chaplain, CPC, and much more. She is Double Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioner (AADP) as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and American Alternative Medical Association (AAMA) as Alternative Medical Practitioner (AMP). 

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Ladies  ONLY  Group  Sessions
Men’s  Group  Sessions  (MenTalk Health)
Wellness  Symposium  
BioFeedback  &  Neurofeedback
Specialized  Hypnotherapy
Interactive  Metronome
Sports  Performance Coaching 
Escape  Room

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