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Race for LiFE™️ 

You are what you FOCUS on

MEGALife Movement

What is


It's being Intentional about making the day good regardless of what happens.

It's about loving one's self and not tolerating foolishness

It's about choosing to be happy

It's about shifting the thoughts and shutting down limiting voices

It's about expanding and reaching the highest heights

It's about leading when you don't feel like it

It's about setting boundaries to live a peaceful life

It's about enjoying everyday 

It's about living life fully everyday 

It's about being healthy and overcoming challenges

It's about a state of mind that has to be created 

Make Everyday Good Again and Live it Fully Everyday

Let's do 
LiFE Together

Every second we are faced with sometimes over 2 million bits of information and the brain is oftentimes running on OVERLOAD.  We can only consciously absorb about 134 bits at any given time. So what happens to the other 1999866 bits? The brain was never designed to run on overload. 


Our unconscious mind takes in everything while our conscious mind filters information into the bits it is able to handle.  We filter by distorting, deleting and generalizing information based on our values, beliefs and experiences. This means that our perception of the world is created by our filters and it is super easy to miss out on helpful information and to be living in a constant state of being overwhelmed, tired, depressed, broken and in despair, just to name a few!  Most filters have been established by the age of 7-10. We spend the rest of our life seeking evidence to support our filters, however, you can REWIRE, RE-PROGRAM and RE-MAP and RE-WRITE your Journey. This is why connecting with the MEGALiFE™️ Movement is life changing, because you can filter out the noise and FOCUS on you. You have one RACE that you are focusing on.  You have your goals that you are FOCUSING on and you are giving yourself permission to live a life of infinite Abundance. "You are what you FOCUS on." 

You could be featured in the next upcoming MEGAZINE



  • Learning what it takes to Activate your PURPOSE  

  • Mastering Limited Mindsets, Mountains, and Money Deficiency 

  • Exercising the Success Formula 

  • Growing Your Business & LiFE 

  • Applying the Steps2Wealth Strategies 

  • Deciding on the direction of your destiny. Learn how to choose the RIGHT destination and make decisions that are profitable and rewarding

  • Understanding how to WALK in the RIGHT Timing. Not being too far ahead or lagging behind, just walking in TIMING 

  • Maximizing Your Gifts 

  • Mobilizing TIME MAPPING 

  • Learning to identify when to wait on God vs. when He’s waiting on you 

  • Learning how to know which VOICE is speaking to you (there are at least 4 voices) in operation at any given time. This may surprise you. 

  • Understand how to walk in ABUNDANCE and live in the OVERFLOW  

  • Discover which of the 10 Spheres of Influence you should own 

  • Which of the 10 Seasons of life are you in

  • How to Make Everyday Good Again

  • How to confidently live and declare your purpose without appearing prideful (this is huge) 

  • How to bounce back from Brokenness 


  • How to Focus and Get Results, plus more…


  • Learn principles that will save YOU time and money and prevent mistakes by choosing LiFE™️ principles that work

  • Join a motivated, action-oriented, results-driven global MOVEMENT and learn the STEPS to Writing Your Vision and Goal Setting that produces results

  • Experience a once in a lifetime moment ​

  • Learn how to Master Mindsets, Mountains, and Money 

  • Exercise the Success Formula 

  • Grow Your Business & LiFE while Getting Crystal Clear 



Invest = Harvest

There’s a harvest coming for you when you invest in YOU

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