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Become a STAR 

We are a full-service  Holistic,  Alternative  &  Naturopathic Wellness Center

that  provides   an  array  of  services  that  centers  around  MindHealth


Elite is more than therapy and more than counseling, we are a Mind & Body Center 


At Elite we love our  STARS
You are not a patient, client, or guest, but you are a STAR


We believe that every STAR embodies the power to shine bright,

no matter how dim or dull the situation may seem 

With our STARS in Mind, we designed products, services, and events
that are geared towards WELLNESS in all areas of life,
whether that's Health, Finance, Career, Relationships, Faith, Business, and Life in general.

We dig deep to find root causes, trigger points and unidentified issues
buried in your tissues (body) and help to train your
mind to create new mindset & neural pathways 

Through years of research and decades of experiences, 

we focus on breakthrough formulas of renewing the mind

which leads to transformation and healing 


We are SOLUTIONS based by finding ROOT CAUSE

upcoming event

Mental Health Awareness Walk & Concert in the Park 

Mental Wellness Awareness Walk & Music in the Park
Mental Wellness Awareness Walk & Music in the Park
Jun 02, 2024, 4:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Village Park Menomonee Falls ,
N87W16749 Garfield Dr, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051, USA


On Sunday June 2, 2024, from 4pm-8pm, LTC, Elite Wellness Center and Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson will be hosting the 1st Annual Mental Wellness Awareness Walk & Concert in the Park, as a fundraising event to advance the study and research in MindHealth™️. 

One of the most misunderstood fields and under researched component of Mental Health or Mental Illness is MindHealth™️ and the role that the Mind plays in one’s wellbeing. The Mind controls the Brain, and the Brain controls the Body, so in essence the Mind controls everything.  This means that the unseen mind, controls the seen brain and body. 

Dr. Carolyn discovered and trademarked a formula called Neuromega™️, the process of renewing the mind to restore and reset.  This breakthrough revolutionary formula is saving lives.    

Part of the fundraising proceeds will also be used as part of the research for a program called, Meds4Vets. Med’s 4 Vet’s Campaign is a fundraiser with a goal of $110,000 to provide Mental Health care and Education in a Drug Free atmosphere that is one of a kind through collaboration between Life Transformation Center (501c3 organization), Chayil International University and Elite Wellness Center. 

The program will commence on November 11, 2024, through Veteran’s Day, 2025.

THE Team

We will be graced with Celebrity Entertainment and Photo Opportunities and more...