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The New PTSD versus PTSD


The Mind controls the brain and the brain controls the body, which means that the Mind really controls everything and it’s in the Mind that the Trauma is housed. Dr. Carolyn has been studying and implementing her Mind Mapping techniques for a long time and in her most recent Near Death Experience (NDE), she discovered a breakthrough formula of how to renew the mind and heal from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It was then that PTSD has been redefined. PTSD versus the New PTSD (Present Traumatic Stress Disorder) Course describes the new innovative approach to overcoming trauma, pain, brokenness, Emotional Concussions and more. This course does not just share about PTSD from a theory perspective but from experience. It is not just the post factors that are causing the problems, it is so much more. Dr. Carolyn was able to discover a missing element of Trauma that has gone unnoticed for years and finally revealed.

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